Month: March 2016

Games for the week of March 21-25

Wednesday March 23

Baseball AWAY @ Louisa 4:30

Softball AWAY @ Louisa 4:30


Thursday March 24

Girls Soccer HOME vs Collegiate 5:00, played at Leakes Mill Park

Baseball HOME vs Powhatan 5:00, Goochland Sports Complex

Softball HOME vs Powhatan 5:00, Goochland Sports Complex


Congrats to those that made our teams!

We want to thank everyone who tried out for our Spring Sports Teams.  We had over 120 individuals trying out for our teams.   Unfortunately, all cannot make the teams.  It is not because there was a lack of effort.  All that tried out gave it there all and we appreciated it!


For those that did not make our teams, we strongly encourage you to continue playing in the youth league organizations.  Continue to hone your skill set so that next year you will be even better.

Final Day for Tryouts in baseball, softball, and girls soccer

Today, Wednesday March 2, is the final day for tryouts for Baseball, Softball, and Girls Soccer at Goochland Middle School.  First cuts were made in baseball and softball yesterday and boy was it difficult!  Final Cuts for those teams will be today, Wednesday.  Track will continue tomorrow and into next week, if someone is cut from another sport you may go to the track coach to ask for a tryout in that sport.

Parents, please understand that making cuts is one of the hardest things that coaches do.  Our coaches take into consideration our team and we want to field the best team possible to represent our school.  School Sports are not for everyone, skill level and the ability to play the game are taken into consideration, as well as, putting a team together that has every position filled without too many athletes vying for playing time.  Our Coaches are going to make decisions that are hard for some to understand, every parent thinks that their child is capable of playing, but when we compare your child’s ability to others we need to make hard decisions, most of the time people are going to disagree with our decisions and you are free to disagree.  However, please do not slander or call into question the decisions made by our coaches, they are here to serve, educate, and teach life lessons to our youngsters.  They would not be coaching if they did not have a passion for the game and we need to trust them.

Coaches are not perfect either, they are human and sometimes make mistakes.  Good players might have a bad day and not perform well in a drill that causes them to not make the cut.  This is part of the human nature, please encourage your child to go out and make themselves better or to try a different sport.

Tell your child the truth, that life is not fair and no matter how hard you work there will most likely always be someone ahead of them and more importantly someone behind them wanting their spot.  Teach them to work hard at making themselves better so that they can achieve their goals.